I called tracfone number and found out I could transfer a current tracfone number to a new tracfone. I misplaced my old tracfone so I called in.

I could hardly understand the man who answered but he assured me he put my old tracfone number on to the new one. What he did was deactivate my old tracfone number so now my old and new tracfone number has two different numbers.

When I called again, a new person assured me that nothing could be done because the old number was deactivated. I then asked for a supervisor and that person led me to believe that my old number was indeed on my new phone and the phone showed the old number.

No one called me for a couple days and I wondered why. It turns out the number shows as the old phone number on the phone display, but it turns out that the way to call this phone is a totally different number.

I called back today and got the same spiel as before, they cannot assign a deactivated phone number. I talked to another supervisor and she was hostile toward me while I was calm.

I finally asked for the corporate number. Why is it someone there makes a mistake and no one cares?

Monetary Loss: $270.

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