In 2007, I purchased two TracPhones with over 400 units. I was down to 350 units one one of the phones.

I was surprised when they cut off my phone with those minutes still on the phone. I complained to those idiots at TracPhone about me paying them for something I did not get benefit from. My complaining to them didn't make any difference at all. I suggest anyone thinking about buying anything from TracPhone, should seriously consider looking else where for anything relating to cell phones.

What else was so disgusting that the people I complained to spoke english so bad, it was terrible.

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I'm new to Tracfone, having just switched from Verizon Wireless. Immediately after activation (we have 2 phones) we started getting all of these calls from every area code in the country.

Of course you can't answer all of these calls or you would be out of minutes in no time. Does Tracfone sell your number from jump or is this an isolated problem.

This never happened with Verizon. We only switched to lower costs.

Craigmont, Idaho, United States #23843

Those minutes don't last forever and the expiration date is clearly sown on the phone every time you look at the display. If you add more airtime before the expiration date your current minutes roll over an add to your new minutes.

If you don't, everything is lost. Learn the terms of the service next time before you activate a phone.

Normanby, Queensland, Australia #23802

I guess you didn't read the box or instructions did you? It clearly states that any unused minutes will be lost if you do not renew in a set time limit.

Don't complain about something that is your fault.

If you want to blame someone, blame your self for not reading. ***

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